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The single most destructive thing we can place into our body, with regards to the IMMUNE SYSTEM, is refined sugar! Refined sugar is an IMMUNE SYSTEM suppressant! It literally knocks out or compromises the very system God gave us to protect us from germs, viruses, bacteria, etc.

Sadly, the average American consumes approximately 50 teaspoons of refined sugar each and every day of their life and some even more.

There are approximately 11 teaspoons of sugar in just a single 12-ounce can of soda pop alone.

Dr. Agatha Thrash, (M.D.), explains how sugar affects the IMMUNE SYSTEM when she writes:

“Another important fact about sugar has to do with disease resistance. The white blood cells with segmented nuclei increase in numbers in the blood stream when the body has a bacterial infection. These cells destroy bacteria. They are the body’s soldiers. However, when the blood sugar level goes up, these cells get sluggish and cannot destroy as many bacteria.”

Dr. Thrash then provides a chart showing how much sugar it takes to affect the ability of the white blood cells to destroy bacteria:

“Six teaspoons of sugar (the amount of sugar in a single candy bar) reduces the ability of these white blood cells to destroy unfriendly bacteria by 25%; Twelve teaspoons (the amount of sugar in a single can of soda pop) reduces the ability of these white blood cells to destroy unfriendly bacteria by 60%; And twenty-four teaspoons (just half the average daily intake of refined sugar), reduces the ability of these white blood cells to destroy unfriendly bacteria by 92%.”

Every time a person drinks a soda pop or other beverage containing refined sugar, eats a piece of candy or a breakfast cereal containing refined sugar, has a piece of cake or donut or a cookie or piece of pie, they are placing an addictive drug into their body that will compromise the very IMMUNE SYSTEM God gave them to protect them from the germs, viruses, bacteria, etc.


Refined sugar impacts the quality of life by: (1) Increases the severity of PMS; (2) Decreases cognitive or intellectual function, especially in children; (3) Sugar also contributes to our current epidemic of heart disease, excess weight, and so much more.

Following is just a partial list of health problems related to the intake of refined sugar:

  • Acne
  • addiction to drugs and caffeine
  • alcoholism
  • allergies
  • anxiety
  • behavioral problems
  • binge eating
  • bloating
  • bone loss
  • candidiasis
  • depression
  • difficulty concentrating
  • eczema
  • edema
  • emotional problems
  • fatigue
  • food cravings
  • hormonal problems
  • hyperactivity
  • insomnia
  • menstrual difficulties
  • mental illness
  • mood swings
  • premature aging
  • psoriasis
  • and the list goes on and on.

God gives each of us a choice as to whether we live in wellness or sickness. If we want to live in wellness, we must adopt a diet and lifestyle as God designed these physical bodies we possess to live by and one of them is clearly articulated in Genesis 1:29 in the Bible.

If we desire sickness, then all we have to do is do what we have been programmed to do by this world in which we live. Sickness is the result of following the worlds diet and lifestyle – yes, the Standard American Diet (SAD – a very fitting acronym for it), along with a sedentary couch potato lifestyle.

God very clearly tells us in Romans 12:2 “And be not conformed to this world.” And in Galatians 6:7 the Bible tells us we have a CHOICE as to whether we live in health or in sickness: “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.”



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