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Statistics show us that Americans are the most overfed – undernourished country in the history of the world, and that the average person in this country consumes 3,393 calories per day which is phenomenal, also the highest in the world. 

Here are some very frightening statistics: 180 million Americans (over 60% of our population) are overweight, 40 million of these 180 million are obese, and 3 million are classified as being morbidly obese. 

The sad truth is that obesity has reached epidemic proportions, and excess weight precipitates or aggravates almost every acute and chronic disease being experienced. Many of the seriously overweight suffer with cardiovascular disease and/or diabetes, along with a multitude of other symptoms.  

The good news is, that usually all one needs do to eliminate excess  weight,  obesity, an expanding waistline, along with all the symptoms that accompany them, is to simply change what is being eaten, and start a simple exercise program. 

It is important to know that the primary sources of the calories that lead to being over-weight is coming from refined sugars, refined grains, and animal fats, items found in abundance in the Standard American Diet (SAD). This is the diet consumed daily by most people in America today. 

God’s way to health requires a lifestyle that provides highly nutritious, fiber rich, and complex carbohydrate, which are predominantly raw foods that nourish the body and contribute to a slender and healthy body. 

The Solution 

The solution is to stop putting into the body those things that caused the condition. We need to start putting into the body those healthy foods that contribute to a slender and healthy body along with exercising. Sounds like a simple solution, doesn’t it? So let’s take a look at how we should proceed. 

Formula for Weight Loss and a Healthy body 

The formula for weight loss is a simple one. We need to decrease caloric intake and increase calories burned. Now that we have the formula for successful weight loss, how can we best implement it? 

Step One – Make a Commitment 

The first step in achieving a slimmer waistline and healthier body is to make a commitment. We are told that it takes 21 days to break a habit and establish a new habit. So the first step in reaching the goal of a slimmer waistline and healthier body is to make a commitment. 

The primary reason for weight gain is because the person has developed bad eating habits that led to the problem in the first place, so breaking these habits; can in most cases also be accomplished in 21 days.

So for the next three weeks you are going to make a commitment to eliminate the fibreless, high calorie foods that have created the overweight condition and / or your health problems. Here they are:

  • refined sugar,
  • refined grains (including all white flour containing products) and
  • all animal products including dairy and cheese.

In their place we are going to adopt a low calorie, high fiber, 100% plant based diet, and start exercising. You will be amazed at how many wonderful and tasty menus you can prepare on this new lifestyle. 

Step Two – Program Your Mind for Success 

Be optimistic: “I will eat to live, rather than live to eat.” Look forward to, and be excited about taking control of your weight and health. Be positive and memorize this Bible verse: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” 

As the Lord in prayer each day to strengthen you with conviction, trust Him, follow through and get excited about the prospect of a new and healthier you! 

Step Three – Set a Goal 

How many pounds, or how many inches do you want to lose in the next 21 days? You might also be looking for a way to get rid of the aches and pains and feel healthier. 

Be realistic here and set an achievable goal. Two pounds a week is what most nutritionists and doctors recommend. 

Just think how much better you will feel and look with the weight off and not only that, you will be taking a load off your heart, your joints and many other parts of your body.  

Step Four – Plan Your Strategy for Success 

If at all possible, remove from your pantry and refrigerator all foods that are not on your new way of eating. This removes the temptation to consume these items when you get hungry or your willpower is being tempted. 

That means getting out of the house all soda pop, chips, candy, cookies, and other foods containing refined sugar and/or refined flour, as well as all meat, milk and cheese. In the place of these fattening foods, we are going to restock our fridge and pantry with only those foods that will help you not only loose weight but will improve your health tremendously. 

Purified, filtered or distilled water will be the beverage of choice, but unsweetened herbal teas containing no caffeine, sweetened with pure honey, (use in moderation) or stevia are permissible. 

10 Tips for Success 

1. At supper time eat a large salad followed with a small portion of cooked food – limit cooked food to about 15% of total daily intake. (You can swap the evening meal with the noon meal if desired.) Acceptable cooked foods would include baked sweet potato, steamed veggies, whole grains, whole grain pasta, or some beans. Also, consuming some dietary fiber before the meal will slow the absorption of carbohydrates and thus hasten the full feeling. A serving of flax seed would be helpful before a meal to hasten that full feeling and the Omega-3’s are great for you. 

2. Minimize sweet fruits, such as bananas and dried fruits they contain a lot of fructose. 

3. Emphasize vegetables and deep green leafy vegetables like (kale, collards, spinach, and lettuce) along with celery, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, etc. 

4. Minimize seeds, nuts, avocados and coconut which are a high source of fat (though a healthy fat.) 

5. Drink lots of filtered, distilled or purified water. The next time you get hungry drink 8-ounces of water and see if that doesn’t take the edge off your craving. Many times you think that you are hungry, when your body in reality needs water. 

6. Exercise daily. Start with a simple walking program, increasing speed and distance with each passing day. Exercise, along with water, is an excellent help in curbing hunger. Exercise not only increases caloric burn during the exercise program itself, but as the muscles grow, this caloric burn continues throughout the day and night, literally 24 hours a day.  

7. Spend as much time outdoors as you can, trying whenever possible to get at least 15 to 20 minutes of sun a day. Vitamin-D is vital for your health. Plants need sun to grow and we need sun to stay healthy. 

8. Do not eat anything 4 hours before going to sleep. Water and herb teas are permissible. Remember that too many liquids before bed time might keep you from getting a good night’s sleep which is important for you to loose weight and get healthy. 

9. Early to bed and early to rise is important, and when tired, if possible, rest. 

10. Keep a food journal, and become aware of your high and low times, and keep track of your progress. 

NOTE: Very important, eat slowly it takes 15 to 20 minutes for the brain to tell you that you are full. 


For those who have already lost significant weight and might have reach a plateau, here are some helpful suggestions: 

1. Drink green juices coming from leafy greens, celery, cucumbers, etc. 

2. Eliminate all seeds, nuts, and avocados. (Flax seed meal is allowed – in moderation) 

3. Increase duration and vigor of exercise, and perform weight resistance exercises daily. This will speed up the metabolism, build muscle, and thus increase calories burned.  

4. Try an iodine supplement for thyroid. Research has found that with some who have followed the diet and reached an impasse, a slow thyroid may be the culprit, and an iodine supplement may help get things moving. (If you have thyroid problems check with your physician first). 





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