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Continued from Part 3

Skin is a dynamic organ whose condition and properties depend on temperature, hydration, environment, internal health and other factors.

Different people can get very different results with the same product. Quite often, the real truth is that different people get different results because they apply skin care products differently.

So, to maximize our benefits from Natural Moisturizers, here are seven helpful hints for its most effective use.

  1. We need to clean our skin before applying skin care products (particularly if we have applied anything to our skin since your last skin washing). The best time to apply skin care products is right after a warm shower or bath. Not only is our skin clean, but it is also thoroughly moist and will better absorb anything we apply to it.
  2. We need to clean our skin gently! Avoid strong soaps and irritating additives. Pat the skin dry instead of rubbing.
  3. We should not wash our skin with hot water. Excessive heat accelerates skin aging. Water should be comfortably warm, but not hot.
  4. Don’t spend too much time in the shower or soaking in the tub, to avoid excessive exposure to chlorine in the water. Or, alternatively, have a filter installed to the shower head or bathtub faucet to cut chlorine exposure.
  5. Apply Natural Moisturizers when skin is moist, because active ingredients penetrate best when they are dissolved. Don’t wipe the skin completely dry (just pat it) after cleaning or washing it, when we intend to apply Natural Moisturizers.
  6. Warm, moist skin absorbs ingredients better. Before applying Natural Moisturizers, warm your skin. Use a warm moist towel if needed.
  7. Use short strokes with gentle pressure to apply Natural Moisturizers, and avoid overly stretching the skin.

Another Important Hint to Keep Your Skin Soft in the Winter

Avoid the use of drying soaps as this can really dehydrated your skin in the winter. Also, if possible — it’s helpful to wash your hands less in the winter as any exposure to water with even the gentlest soap will tend to dry your skin.

For more information go to Part 1, then Part 2 and Part 3

SOURCE: Article by Dr. Mercola


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