Posted by: godswaytohealth | June 9, 2012

Healthy Eating Benefits

So often we don’t watch ourselves for signs and symptoms of good health. Then we are completely surprised when we are hit with signs of illness or discover we have cancer or diabetes.

If we would pay attention to how we are feeling and adjust our nutritional and lifestyle choices, we could avoid illness and disease.

If you are healthy this is what you can expect: 

  • Able to exercise
  • Allergy-free
  • Clear thinking
  • Clear, bright eyes
  • Don’t catch colds or flu easily
  • Females: menses brief and pain-free
  • Free of inflammation
  • Good skin tone
  • Great night sleeping
  • Healthy teeth and gums
  • Healthy weight
  • Joyful, optimistic mood, no depression, no anger
  • Lots of energy, no fatigue
  • No acid-reflux, or other stomach problems
  • No body odor
  • No bowel problems
  • No excess body fat
  • No excess water retention (edema)
  • No facial puffiness
  • Normal blood pressure
  • Normal blood work
  • Skin is clear, free of blemishes and acne
  • Totally pain-free

Basically, if you are healthy, you feel great every waking hour. And, you will sleep well, too.

Is Eating Healthy considered a Diet?

To fully receive the blessings of good health, you need to realize that healthy eating is more than a diet, it is a lifestyle.

The word “diet” has really come to mean something temporary. We talk about going on a diet and going off a diet. It’s not something we stay on forever. A healthy lifestyle incorporates healthy eating habits and healthy attitudes.

Shifting to a healthier lifestyle often requires recognizing the bad eating habits we have developed. Once we identify them, we can work on changing bad eating habits and transforming into health life style.



  1. There’s definately a great deal to know about this subject.
    I love all of the points you have made.

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