Posted by: godswaytohealth | November 10, 2012


Here are some important ways to avoid colds during the flu season:

  • Avoid sugar and fructose. Sugar decreases the function of your immune system almost immediately. Be aware that sugar is present in foods you may not suspect, like ketchup and fruit juice.
  • Boost your trace minerals intake, especially zinc. Both zinc and selenium are hugely important for immune function. Zinc is especially well known for functioning as a shield support against many viral attacks. One of the best ways to boost your trace minerals intake is to switch to a natural salt like Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt.
  • Drink more “live” vegetable juice.
  • Eat more meals that are rich in strong spices. Eat more curry, turmeric, ginger and cayenne pepper. Also eat more which cilantro, rosemary, thyme and other rich spices. Try some cloves and nutmeg for the holidays. These spices boost immune function and taste great.
  • Eat a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables and avoid processed foods.
  • Eliminate eating cheese and drinking processed milk since they tend to cause sinus stuffiness, this should be avoided especially during the winter influenza season.
  • Get as much sunlight as you can, as late into the year as you can manage. Even getting sunlight on just your face helps produce more vitamin D in your body.
  • Get plenty of sleep. A lack of sleep compromises the immune system.
  • Get regular exercise to boost your circulation and immune strength. Exercise should be frequent at least 5 days a week and moderate.
  • Goldenseal, garlic, echinacea, osha root and elderberry are also good to protect your immune system.
  • Keep your lymph circulating since it is crucial for immunity. Rebounders (mini trampolines) are great for this purpose. Jumping rope also works, as does just hopping in place for a few minutes each day. You can also do arm rotations and other simple movements to.
  • Minimize your exposure to immune-damaging chemicals such as those you’ll find in laundry products, cosmetics, personal care products and fragrance products. The artificial fragrance chemicals found in most of these products are carcinogenic and cause liver damage.
  • Reduce your levels of chronic stress, since stress also compromises your immune system and it even “uses up” nutrients in your body, leaving you nutritionally depleted.
  • Take a vitamin D supplement every day.
  • Take herbal supplements especially designed to protect your respiratory tract like Elderberry.
  • Use a high-quality air filter in your home to filter out bacteria and mold spores that may be circulating inside your home.
  • Use natural antibiotics. Examples include oil of oregano and garlic. These work like broad-spectrum antibiotics against bacteria and viruses in your body.
  • Use ginger, lemon and honey as a hot tea.
  • Wash your hands more frequently. Many of the infections we receive during the flu season come from us touching contaminated surfaces and then touching our eyes, nose or mouth. The simple act of washing your hands can dramatically cut down on viral infections.

These are just some of the suggestions for you to avoid the flu this season.


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