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Dry Skin Brushing Keeps You Healthy

Dry Skin Brushing keeps you Healthy

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As the name implies, Dry Skin Brushing or Lymphatic Body Brushing stimulates your lymph system. The human body is an intricate system and when working smoothly, the lymphatic system helps perform many functions to keep you healthy:

• The lymphatic system keeps the immune system healthy. Dry Skin Brushing keeps fluids moving aiding in destroying pathogens and filtering waste so that the lymph can be safely returned to the circulatory system.

• The lymphatic system keeps blood moving.  As blood circulates throughout your system, it delivers nutrients and oxygen to the tissues and organs keeping you healthy.

• A major benefit of Dry Skin Brushing is removing excess fluid from your system by stimulating circulation. Fluid build-up like bloating and other toxins that may be wearing down your system, cancer cells and dead blood cells.

• Dry Skin Brushing exfoliates, getting rid of the dead cells and letting your body regenerate new, healthy skin cells.

Ready to begin Dry Skin Brushing:

•     A long-handled natural fiber brush.  This will enable to access hard-to-reach areas of your body, such as your back.

Dry Skin Brushing is Easy to Do…

Dry Skin Brushing is generally done in the bath tub or shower – prior to bathing and on dry skin. Allow yourself the time to do a thorough job. It should take at least several minutes to brush your entire body. Brush in the direction of the heart.  Avoid Dry Skin Brushing if your skin is irritated (rashes, burns, cuts or wounds).

FEET – Begin your Dry Skin Brushing routine by briskly brushing the soles of your feet with strong circular motions. You may use a pedicure brush, if you have one, which tends to have firmer bristles. Then apply short, firm strokes to the tops and sides of your feet, pulling towards your ankles.

LEGS – Now continue dry skin brushing upwards on your legs, using short, firm strokes. Go up to the knee on both legs. Then using the same strokes, brush both legs from the knee to the hips.

ABDOMIN/GROIN – Continue Dry Skin Brushing up the body to the groin area. From the outer upper hip, make small circular movements towards and under your naval. Now, using short, firm strokes, brush from the groin to the stomach area. Next, holding your brush at the navel, begin small circular movements, going in a clockwise direction. Gradually make your circular motions bigger and bigger. Then start to make your circles smaller and smaller, ending at the naval again. As many of the body’s lymph nodes are located in the abdominal region, it is important not to skip this area.

SIDES OF BODY – On both sides, brush from the waist up towards the armpits.

CHEST – From below the breast, start from the middle area and use curving upward strokes towards the armpit. Repeat on other side. Work from above the breast, from the middle of the breast bone to the armpit region. Repeat the dry skin brushing routine on other side.

BUTTOCKS – Start at the gluteal line (where your buttocks meet your legs). Work from the back to the front, over the hip and towards the groin. This stroke is often used to help reduce cellulite.

BACK – Stroke your back from your waist upward to the middle of your shoulder blades; then from the middle of the upper spine, over the shoulder blades.

ARMPITS – Rotate your brush in circular clockwise strokes in both armpits.

ARMS – On every side of the upper arms, brush from the elbow to the shoulder. Then, on every side of the lower arms, brush from the wrist to the elbow.

HANDS – brush your palms in circular, clockwise strokes. Stroke your fingers towards your wrists and gently stroke the more sensitive skin of the tops of your hands.

NECK/THROAT – Very gently (the skin of your neck is sensitive), place your brush at the back of your neck and stroke in a downwards fashion while curving around and towards the side of the neck, ending at your collarbone. Repeat on other side.

FACE – Use a facial brush which has softer bristles. Making very gentle, circular motions, work on the chin, then on the sides of the face, then cheeks, nose, ears, temples and ending at the forehead.

SCALP – Brush several times from the base of your scalp, or the nape, going over the top of the head toward the forehead. Then stroke all over the scalp in circular motions. Now brush from the temple to the upper side of the head, both sides.

Care of your Dry Skin Brushing tools: Periodically wash your brush with soap and water. Allow to dry.

Dry Skin Brushing not only improves the outward benefits with smoother skin, but the inward benefits of an improved Lymph System.



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