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1 Additives GWTH

According to the Body Burden website, “Scientists estimate that everyone alive today carries within his or her body at least 700 contaminants, most of which have not been well studied.” In addition, they note that “no one is ever exposed to a single chemical, but to a chemical soup, the ingredients of which may interact to cause unpredictable health effects.” 

1 artificial-sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners – Popular varieties include aspartame and      saccharin; aspartame is a neurotoxin linked to lower IQ, brain tumors, MS, fatigue and fibromyalgia; saccharin is linked to weight gain and bladder tumors in rats.

2 Azodicarbonamide

Azodicarbonamide – Flour bleaching agent; linked to asthma; banned in Australia, the U.K. and Europe.

3 Brominated vegetable oil

Brominated vegetable oil (BVO) – Helps retains flavor in soda; accumulates in the body and causes memory and nerve problems; banned in 100 countries.


Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydrozyttoluene (BHT) –      Preservatives; form cancer-causing compounds once inside the body; banned in parts of Europe and Japan.

5 caramel coloring

Caramel coloring – Coloring agent; sometimes made with ammonia;      classified as “known to cause cancer” in California.

6 food dyes

Food dyes – Varieties include Blue #1 and #2, Red #3 and #40 and Yellow #6; linked to behavioral problems and lower IQ in children and cancer in animal studies.

7 High fructose corn syrup

High fructose corn syrup – Sweetener; number one source of calories in the US; raises LDL and contributes to diabetes.

8 foodadditives web

Indirect food additives – Substances not directly added to food that still end up in the final product; plastics and other packaging that come into contact with food; substances in animal feed including pesticides, antibiotics and heavy metals (including arsenic) and synthetic hormones injected into animals.

9 foods-w-msg

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) – Flavor enhancer; linked to headaches, nausea and obesity.

10 olean products

Olestra – Fat substitute; causes diarrhea and interferes with the body’s ability to absorb vital nutrients; banned in the UK and Canada.

11 parabens

Parabens – Used to prevent yeast and mold; may disrupt hormonal balance; linked to lower sperm count and testosterone production in rats; found in breast cancer tissue.

12 hydroginated oils

Partially hydrogenated vegetable oil – Multipurpose preservative and solidifying agent; lowers good cholesterol, increases bad cholesterol and the risk for heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

13 Potassium Bromate 2

Potassium bromate – Increases volume in baked goods; known to cause cancer in animals; small amount may be dangerous to humans; banned      in Europe, Canada and China.

14 sodium nitrate

Sodium nitrate/sodium nitrite – Preservatives; highly carcinogenic      once inside the body; particularly toxic to the liver and pancreas.

15 sodium sulfite

Sodium sulfite – Preservative; linked to asthma, headaches, breathing problems and rashes.

16 Sulfur dioxide

Sulfur dioxide – Preservative; destroys vitamins B1 and E; linked to bronchial problems. 

There are hundreds of web sites warning of the danger of these food additives here are just a few of them.


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