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In today’s society we are used to going to the doctor when we are sick; instead, we need to focus on preventative care. We need to learn to get the underlying problem fixed and to treat problems before they surface. We need to boost our immune system year round with healthy foods and good supplements to minimize sickness.



Astragalus: (Herb) promotes white blood cell production to fight infection. 


Cayenne: Well known to help with joint pain, it also contains antiseptic properties to ease sore throats and decrease congestion by thinning mucus. (Note: not for nursing mothers or children under two years old.) 


Echinacea: Fights inflammation and bacterial/viral infections; boosts the immune and lymphatic systems by stimulating white blood cells. It can help to reduce the duration of a cold by several days when taken at the first sign of symptoms.


Garlic: Contains allicin, an antioxidant with anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal capabilities. It helps to shorten and reduce cold symptoms. Allicin becomes active after being chopped, minced or crushed and is destroyed at high temperatures, so try to sprinkle freshly chopped garlic in soups, on pizza, pasta, or whatever you are cooking. We need to allow garlic to “sit” for 10 minutes before ingesting to allow immune-boosting properties to become activated.


Ginger: Contains anti-inflammatory phenols, gingerols and shogaols to help relieve cold/flu aches. Ginger also helps to decrease fever, eliminate toxins and allows the body to sweat, without the harsh side effects of ibuprofen. Use in teas, smoothies, shakes, it is a great addition to your meals; fresh is best.


Goldenseal: Contains the anti-fungal phytochemical, Beribine, which fights infection and inflammation and helps to strengthen the immune system. (Note: Goldenseal is not to be taken for extended periods of time; take as directed by your healthcare provider).


Honey: Boosts immunity by fighting viruses and bacteria. Try to find it in season and locally harvested. Honey should be raw and pure with nothing added to it. (Note: not for children under 12 months old.)

kiwi fruit

Kiwi: Is high in vitamin C and can reduce the severity and duration of upper respiratory infections.


Onion: Red and yellow; contain flavonols and quercetin, powerful antioxidants that help to decrease histamine release. Sulfur found in onions and garlic also have anti-inflammatory properties which help to ease aches, pains and congestion caused by the cold and flu.


Probiotics: Healthy bacteria is vital for our bodies; suggested dosage is 3-5 billion live organisms daily. (Note:  Commercial yogurt only contains 100-200 million organisms at best and is has less effective strains, along with excessive amounts of sugar and additives). 


Siberian ginseng: Is a known adaptogen, allowing the body to restore balance and helps to strengthen the immune system.


Zinc lozenges: Decrease cold duration and help to attack nose and throat viruses while boosting overall immunity. Take at the first sign of a cold for best results.

AVOID SUGAR: Because it suppresses our immune systems and feeds bacteria.


It is very important to minimizing and eliminating sugar, processed foods, refined carbohydrates, dairy products, preservatives and artificial chemicals, since this will help to decrease stress placed on our bodies.  

Eating more vegetables, fruits, and incorporating different herbs, spices, vitamins and minerals into your daily lives is essential for overall health.

Vegetables, fruits and herbs

Keeping your immune system running at its best will help to prevent sickness. 

We need to fuel our body with the nutrients it needs on a daily basis, not only when we are sick; this will help with our overall health. Taking a variety of herbs and vitamins at the first sign of sickness is important to help decrease the intensity and duration  of a cold. We do not need to get sick; instead we need to think about boosting our immune system year round to minimize the sometimes not so inevitable common cold.



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