Healthy Eating Challenges

Everyone faces a challenge when turning from the “Standard American Diet” (SAD) to healthy eating lifestyle. But with prayer, knowledge and support, these challenges can be overcome and you will soon be on your way to better HEALTH!  


The first challenge is learning an entirely new way of eating. Most of us were brought up on the SAD meat, potatoes and fried food diet, eating cooked food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And today, most everyone is being brought up in the fast and processed food era. If you don’t drive through for your food, you might be popping it out of a box or a bag and into the microwave. Very SAD! 


The answer to that question is, “it depends”. Are you really sick, fighting cancer or some other health issue? Or are you basically healthy but looking for protection against future diseases?  

If you are currently ill, spend your money on a good juicer. Getting those fresh, enzyme-rich juices straight to the cellular level is your priority (organic if at all possible). For additional information click on the following link – JUICING 

We use a Vitamix daily and our food processor several times a week. We keep our daily diet pretty simple- green smoothies, salads, juices.  

Presently we do not use a dehydrator but might invest in one in the future. If you are going to purchase a dehydrator, you really can’t skimp on that. You need to have a food dehydrator that has controlled temperatures so you don’t dehydrate above 110 degrees. So, if you can’t afford the best, don’t buy one at all. You are just wasting your money.  

The bottom line is, if you are healthy, buy one high quality item like the “Vitamix” or another type of powerful blender and wait to spend the money on the other items when you can afford them. 


A major challenge is finding decent fresh fruits and vegetables (again, organic if at all possible). This challenge is more common in rural areas or smaller cities. If you face this challenge, there are a few things you might be able to do to overcome it.  

  • Grow your own

Gardening is becoming quite creative nowadays! There are several different types like raised bed gardening, container gardening, Topsy Turvey gardening and aero gardening. There are many growing their own food living in apartments in cities like New York, and other large cities. 

  • Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm and buy a share of their garden produce

CSAs are increasing in popularity. And there are CSAs even in the cities! If you can’t find one in your city, look in the rural areas. Check here for CSAs in the USA.  

  • Form a buying club in your area and speak with your store’s produce manager.

Local demand is what dictates the produce your store carries. Most stores will order case lots of produce for you if asked. Share it with your buying club. Be sure to be dependable in picking it up, though, so the store isn’t stuck with food they can’t sell.  

  • Frequent farmers’ markets when in season.

For the freshest and the best, become a regular at your farmers’ markets. The more people buy, the more farmers will join in to sell. 

What percentage of RAW food do I need to eat?

Getting used to eating raw foods is definitely a challenge for the typical SAD eater. But you can do it! Start slowly and increase it to at least 80% or more of your total daily food intake. 

Depending on your current state of health, you can transition into eating more raw foods gradually. Here are a few ideas:

  • Begin by making one meal a raw food meal. Breakfast can be fresh fruit, eating until you are satisfied. Or make lunch a large salad. (Watch the salad dressing)
  • Add a salad to the beginning of your lunch and evening meal.
  • Have only fruit for dessert. 

Increase your fiber intake gradually to avoid digestive problems such as bloating. 


Going from three cooked or processed meals a day to 80% raw can be overwhelming or a challenge to some.  

Use caution when browsing the web for good raw recipes. There are definitely plenty out there.

The problem you may run into is trying so many recipes out you can’t get out of the kitchen! Then you end up thinking that this new lifestyle is too time-consuming and give up on it. 

What about the cooked portion?

The best way to stay within your limit cooked food to one portion, such as a serving of vegan chili, or a baked sweet potato, or perhaps a serving of homemade vegetarian soup.  

If you are losing too much weight, increase your cooked food portion. Conversely, if you are gaining undesired weight, reduce your cooked portion. This is just a general guideline. 

How do I stay true to the new way of eating while travelling?

If you are going on vacation, here are the basic essentials you should take:

  • Barley or Raw Greens in Powder form (Organic)
  • Flax seed Omega-3 meal
  • Chia seeds
  • A shaker cup for mixing and drinking

Pick up a jug of distilled water and you should be all set!  

Many stores have ready to eat organic salads and organic fruits you can buy. Bring some with you, from home, in a cooler if you are going on a road trip. 

What about eating out?

If you are eating with friends or if you are travelling to a metropolitan area there are many raw food restaurant options. You can always order a salad and steamed vegetables. There are many restaurants that are quite accommodating in their food preparation. There are also more and more restaurants offering vegetarian if not vegan options as well as a salad bar.  

When dining out, planning ahead is the key to overcoming this challenge. Forget the fast food restaurants. It is practically impossible to find anything healthy there!  

For planning ahead, look at the restaurant choices you do have and then go on-line to check out the menus. This will give you time to see what is available and whether you will need to modify your order.  

My family won’t eat this way.

If you have made up your mind stick to your new way of eating while continuing to feed your family the way they are used to, making some healthy adjustments to their eating habits here and there.  

If you keep your food preparation simple, you can succeed. Your awesome testimony of getting healthy and sliming down will speak louder to your family than your nagging them about their need to change the way they eat.  

Keep it all in front of the Lord in prayer and He will be faithful to answer. 


Lack of support is a huge challenge. Fortunately, with the increasing awareness of the need to eat healthier through the Internet, support can be nearby and accessible. 

Another way is to find a friend who is interested in going on the healthy life style with you and encourage each other. 

·  I have no willpower.

Staying committed to eating healthier in general, requires determination. If you are determined, your willpower comes naturally.  

Keep focused on why you are on the diet. Write your reasons down and read them every day. 

If you fall off, get right back on. It gets easier every day, and soon it will become your life style and you will never want to go back.  

The important thing to remember is to always begin with prayer. God is there and will strengthen you if you ask Him.  

· Bible verses to help you.

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies. (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) 

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13)



  1. […] Healthy Eating Challenges | God’s Way to Health – Everyone faces a challenge when turning from the “Standard American Diet” (SAD) to healthy eating lifestyle. But with prayer, knowledge and support, these challenges can be overcome and you will soon be on your way to better HEALTH! […]

  2. […] Healthy Eating Challenges | God’s Way to Health – Everyone faces a challenge when turning from the “Standard American Diet” (SAD) to healthy eating lifestyle. But with prayer, knowledge and support, these challenges can be overcome and you will soon be on your way to better HEALTH! […]

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