About Nutrition

Thorough knowledge and understanding of the nutrients in food is essential to achieve optimal health and permanent weight control. Food nutrients go beyond the six essential nutrients most of us know.

The body’s essential nutrients are composed of chemical elements found in food and used by the body to perform many different functions. Food provides heat, promotes growth, repairs tissues, and regulates body processes. The six essential nutrients include:

  2. FATS     
  3. PROTEINS     
  4. VITAMINS     
  5. MINERALS     
  6. WATER     

The first step in making healthy food choices is learning to choose nutrient-rich foods.

1. What is a nutrient?

Let’s look at the definition of nutrients to begin to understand just how important they are. Nutrients in food are chemical substances metabolized by our bodies to:

  • give us energy
  • build our body
  • repair our body
  • build our immune system
  • carry out and maintain our life functions

The human body needs a wide range of nutrients to stay healthy and perform all these functions. Since we can get every nutrient we need through the diet we eat, our diet must be well-balanced to provide all the nutrients for the body in proper proportions.

2. Nutrient charts

We have prepared some charts for you which your can check out here: 




 Nutrient charts will give you the known nutrient composition of different foods. The values given in the nutrient charts are a good indication of nutritional value. You see at a glance which foods are rich or deficient in particular nutrients.

But values for nutrients in food can vary widely, depending on such things as: the growing environment, the particular variety or breed, the method of processing, the storage temperature and time, etc.

Values will also vary depending on the source of the information. We have discovered an additional very good and reliable source in the NUTRITIONAL DATA.

3. Why is Nutrition Important?

Because they are a matter of life and death!

Check out the following link to learn more about WHY NUTRITION IS IMPORTANT

Take time to get familiarized with the nutrients in your food and remember what the Bible says:

“My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” – Hosea 4:6

“…I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life that both thou and thy seed may live.” – Deuteronomy 30:19


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