• Lose Weight
  • Live Longer
  • Look Younger
  • Move Easier
  • Have More Energy
  • Live in Amazing Health

Dr. Gerson discovered that after a lifetime of eating nutritionally depleted foods and absorbing chemical toxins, your body’s defenses become severely weakened, allowing disease to occur. To reverse the damage, The Gerson Therapy protocol advocates following a plant-based diet in addition to detoxifying the body and your liver. This allows your body’s to re-build its powerful natural defenses and restore you to perfect health.

The guiding principles of ‘The Gerson Therapy’ are…
Rebuild your body’s immune system by…
            • Flooding your body with vitamins, minerals and critical enzymes by eating organic fruits and vegetables
            • Bathing your 100 trillion living cells in a constant stream of nutrients, by drinking juices made from organic fruits and vegetables
            • Detoxifying your liver using a powerful natural process that flushes chemicals and poisons from the body
Prevent depletion of your organs and interruption of critical biological processes by eliminating…
            • Industrial foods with preservatives, dyes and additives
            • Animal Protein
            • Fat
            • Salt
            • Sugar
            • Alcohol
            • Smoking
            • Drugs

Eliminate further poisoning of your body by removing the sources of chemicals and toxins in your environment

            • Household cleansers
            • Fabric softeners
            • Soaps and shampoos
            • Perfumes and deodorants
            • Air fresheners
            • Cleaning Solvents
            • Fluoride
            • Chlorine

Why do you get sick? Dr. Gerson stated that you become sick from a chronic disease because of Toxicity and Nutritional Deficiency.

When your body is filled with toxins and it does not have the nutritional support it needs, complex repair processes are interrupted, cells are forever damaged and your bodies defenses against cancer and chronic disease are greatly reduced.

It is commonly believed that chronic disease is a biological invader that finds its way into a body through random chance. Then by carrying out a powerful attack on the immune system, it overwhelms the body’s defenses, allowing it to take hold and grow.

This however, is not necessarily correct. The elements of disease are always present everywhere, both within your body and without. Biological, viral, mold and fungal agents are always on the attack 24-7-365! It is only when your body’s immune system is so weak and depleted, that it is no longer able to fight off attackers and that is when disease takes hold.

Thus, you must change the way you think about disease.  Instead of healing efforts being all about destroying the bacteria, virus, mold, fungus, etc that create disease, you should focus instead on rebuilding and strengthening your body’s immune system, so that is can protect you the way it was designed to.

The Gerson Therapy is the oldest, most effective, and best-documented holistic therapy in existence today, however the story cannot be told in a few paragraphs. Please examine their website and …

When you have finished, you will understand what this amazing therapy can do for you and your loved ones, to regain health and transform life.



May God richly bless you all.



  1. Hi my name is Ashley and I was interested in learning how to eat to live 🙂 thank you

    Best wishes

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